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  • Watch as real scientists demonstrate how ingredients are added to medicines @PhilaSciFest #GetNerdyPHL https://t.co/PpMHaLE2Cg

    10 hours ago

  • Stop by our booth @PhilaSciFest to learn about GSK Science in the Summer – bookmarks & 💮 seeds for all!#GetNerdyPHLL https://t.co/DAjn8lGwuW

    11 hours ago

  • Use colored sand @PhilaSciFest to see how meds can target specific diseased tissue, not the whole body #GetNerdyPHL https://t.co/cpF05fka6R

    12 hours ago

  • Dress like a scientist @PhilaSciFest and learn how medicine is developed! #GetNerdyPHL https://t.co/ATkxYwTirl

    12 hours ago

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