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What's your angle?

GSK is proud of the progress that we made on diversity, equity and inclusion in the US. But, we want to do much more to increase ethnically or racially diverse representation at every level of the organization.

We’re under no illusions that there is an easy route to greater equality and inclusion. We have to have open, frank conversations where people are unafraid to ask difficult questions or answer with total honesty. The most important thing is to learn from colleagues with contrasting life experiences and backgrounds – and then to actually act on that insight and their ideas.

Our ‘What’s your angle?’ campaign has brought together colleagues from different teams to discuss issues that matter, and explore each other’s perspectives. The results were more surprising than we expected. See what happened in the video segments below.

GSK US – Kim & Carlos: ‘What’s your angle?’

How do GSK colleagues really feel about race and inclusion? See what happened when we brought Kim and Carlos together.