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Richard Dumam

HIV Cure Center


Responsible business is how we do business

Being commercially successful and operating responsibly is how we will generate sustainable returns for our shareholders and deliver on our purpose, to help patients and consumers around the world, do more, feel better and live longer. 

In September 2018, we announced that we are investing in a new set of commitments across three focus areas, to deliver the greatest possible long-term impact in improving health around the world.

Science and technology

Using our science and technology to address health needs

New medical innovations: Develop differentiated, high-quality and needed medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products to improve health

Global health: Improve global health impact through R&D for infectious diseases that affect children and adolescents in developing countries focusing on HIV, malaria and TB

Health security: Help the world to better prepare for future disease outbreaks with pandemic potential, and tackle antimicrobial resistance

Affordable and available

Making our products affordable and available

Pricing: Improve the health of millions of people each year by making our products available at responsible prices that are sustainable for our business

Product reach: Use access strategies to reach 800 million underserved people in developing countries with our products by 2025

Healthcare access: Partner to improve disease prevention, awareness and access to healthcare services for 12 million people by 2025

Modern employer

Being a modern employer

Engaged people: Achieve and maintain a competitive employee engagement score by 2022

Inclusion and diversity: Accelerate our progress on inclusion and diversity, aiming for over 37% female representation in senior roles and recognition in global LGBT+ indices, by 2022

Health, wellbeing and development: Be a leading company in how we support employee health, wellbeing and personal development

How we will report our performance

We will share our progress by reporting against our new commitments each year starting in 2019, for the 2018 year. A summary of progress against our commitments can be found here, and further detail can be found in our Annual Report (links opens in a new window).

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Fundamentals for being a responsible company

These priority areas are supported by our fundamental commitment to running our business responsibly. This means delivering a reliable supply of high-quality products, protecting a values-driven culture where issues are responded to swiftly and transparently, being responsible and transparent in how we use data, improving our patient and scientific engagement, and reducing our environmental impact. Learn more about each of these commitments below on our global site.

Engaging with healthcare professionals

As a healthcare company, we regularly work with healthcare professionals. From collaborating on clinical trials to providing high quality, balanced information about our medicines and vaccines, in all of our interactions we aim to be transparent about our work, operate with integrity, and always put the interests of patients first.

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Our responsible business approach

We are investing in a new set of commitments across three focus areas, to deliver the greatest possible long-term impact in improving health around the world. Download our approach to responsible business.

Our governance structure

board of committees
Board Committees have been established as set out above (graphic from our Annual report, 2017)

Our Board-level Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC) oversees our responsible business activities. It meets four times a year to provide high-level guidance and reviews performance against our commitments. Both the Chairman and CEO are among its members and Non-Executive Director, Lynn Elsenhans, is Chair of the CRC.

Management of key non-financial risks is governed by our Audit and Risk Committee. The Audit and Assurance team supports this committee by providing an independent view to the Board and senior management of how risk is being managed across the business consistent with an agreed Assurance Plan.

Your feedback counts

We welcome your feedback on our responsible business performance and reporting. You can also request to receive regular updates on our progress. Please contact us at