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Consumer Healthcare

Our Consumer Healthcare business develops and markets consumer preferred and expert recommended brands in the Oral health, Pain relief, Respiratory, Nutrition/gastro-intestinal and Skin health categories. GSK’s Consumer Healthcare business is on track to become an independent company through a proposed demerger from GSK in mid-2022. The new business, to be named Haleon, is expected to be a world-leader in consumer healthcare, offering the prospect of attractive organic sales growth, operating margin expansion and consistent high cash generation. Learn more about the new Consumer Healthcare company.

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We are one of the world’s leading over-the-counter healthcare companies. We hold number one positions in Wellness across 36 markets, and are market leaders in specialist oral care. 

We have a portfolio of loved and trusted brands that are underpinned by science including: Sensodyne, Parodontax, Poligrip, Voltaren, Panadol, Otrivin and Theraflu. 

The business generated sales of $10.1 billion in 2017, representing 26% of the total turnover of the Group. 

Our marketplace 

Today, people are taking an increasingly active role in managing their own health. This is being fueled by an emerging global middle class, rising healthcare costs and ageing populations. Demand for consumer healthcare products is growing, particularly in emerging markets where consumers are seeking more affordable and accessible products. 

Consumer healthcare products are dependent on brand loyalty and trademark protection. Some of our heritage brands such as Horlicks and ENO are more than 140 years old but continue to be popular today. 

Our strategy 

Our strategy is to meet the everyday healthcare needs of our consumers through building consumer preferred and expert recommended brands. 

To do this we focus on excellence in innovation to develop world class brands, and on building our reputation through best in class interactions with retailers, healthcare professionals and shoppers. 

Research for product innovation 

Our business is built on science and this research heritage contributes to the development of our Consumer Healthcare products, giving us a unique advantage over our competition.  

Today, we are using science to speed up the time to develop new product innovations, make them more accessible to the people who need them, and to develop benefits our consumers value, ultimately growing our business. 

At the same time, we continue to ensure we meet all regulatory requirements for testing, approval, manufacturing, labelling and marketing of our products. 

You can find out more about our R&D work on Consumer Healthcare products in our Research section. 

If you have a product idea and believe we might like to partner with you, please visit our Consumer Healthcare External Innovation portal.