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Patient and daughter consulting with doctor

Our commitment to diversity in clinical studies

What is GSK’s commitment to diversity in clinical studies?

At GSK, we believe our clinical studies must reflect the diversity of populations who are most likely to benefit from our medicines or vaccines.  We know diseases and medicines can affect people differently depending on their genetic background, ethnicity, gender/sex, age, etc.

So, representing the real-world disease population in our clinical studies is important to ensure our data represents real-world outcomes.

We’re focusing on improving clinical trial diversity through five key approaches:

  • Characterizing the populations most likely to be affected with the disease and barriers to access
  • Engaging with communities and advocacy groups to build trust, enhance awareness and provide education and outreach
  • Understanding and advocating for current clinical trial diversity guidelines from agencies and professional organizations as well as from community and patient advocacy groups
  • Embedding scientific questions for population-related responses within study protocols
  • Training and supporting GSK staff and research collaborators for success in enrolling diverse populations in clinical studies