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GSK US Oncology

GSK US Oncology is driven by our scientific heritage, deep understanding of oncology, and determination to help advance the standard of care for people with cancer. Purpose-built with a focus on acute and pressing needs in rare and women’s cancers, we deliver programs that support the entire patient community, are inclusive and equitable, and connect people to each other when they need it most.

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Our commitment to people impacted by cancer

GSK US Oncology takes an authentically human approach to understanding and addressing the changing needs of the entire patient community. Beyond our medicines, we deliver programs that support and connect people to each other, when they need it most.

Uniquely human in our approach

At GSK US Oncology, we constantly challenge ourselves to reimagine improved ways of engaging with people with cancer and their loved ones. We take an authentically human approach in our work with patients and their entire care team, and are deliberate in how we develop programs and tailor communications, as we believe a one-size-fits-all approach to patient engagement is not enough.

Reuters Events’ Pharma US 2021: Thoughtful connections becoming more human in how we engage patients

Watch Mike Petroutsas discuss the importance of becoming more human in how GSK US Oncology engages people impacted by cancer, and how we've pivoted our approach to patient engagement to form more thoughtful human connections with diverse audiences and different generations.

Own your journey - the good and the bad

Kim and Lynne are both ovarian cancer survivors. Hear more about their experiences.

Our commitment to patient education 

Our programs are designed to educate and engage diverse audiences and different generations regarding disease symptoms, early diagnosis and ongoing support.

Our way forward

Our way forward 

Our Way Forward, created by GSK with input from the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) and the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA), is a call to action that encourages women living with ovarian cancer, their loved ones, and healthcare providers to rethink how they talk about ovarian cancer and ways to work together to navigate the physical and emotional challenges that the disease brings.                                                                                            

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Multiple myeloma and you

Facing multiple myeloma isn’t something you have to handle on your own. It’s important to your overall well-being to find support as you deal with physical symptoms, as well as thoughts and feelings that may be difficult. Visit Multiple Myeloma and You.

Dr. Axel Hoos, SVP
GSK Scientist

Our purpose-built organization

Cancer doesn’t wait, and neither do we. GSK US Oncology works with a sense of urgency to deliver medicines and programs, and expand our pipeline of products with the promise for the future. We bring transparency, authenticity, and passion to everything we do.

We are uniquely collaborative and united in a single goal—to deliver medicines that maximize survival and quality of life for people with cancer who have limited treatment options.​ GSK scientists are focused on maximizing survival through the discovery and development of novel oncology medicines that may have life-changing potential. Our goal is for people with cancer to not only live, but to live well, as a result of our medicines. 

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Responding to the pandemic

As a company committed to agility and adaptability, GSK US Oncology pivoted during the pandemic to ensure it could continue to meet its commitment to deliver important treatment options for patient populations that had limited or no therapeutic options.

Despite its adverse impacts on cancer diagnosis and patient care, the pandemic spurred changes that will positively affect oncology long after the pandemic ends. Read more in STAT News.

Evolving oncology care for good – not just getting “back to normal”

During a Washington Post Live event with a segment presented by GSK, Michael Petroutsas, R. Ph, SVP, US Oncology Business Unit, discusses how we must evolve and improve care for the future to better support people with cancer and their unique needs. Listen to his conversation alongside author and women’s rights activist Zainab Salbi and Shannon Miller, seven-time Olympic medalist, women’s health advocate and ovarian cancer survivor whose diagnosis resulted from a routine health exam.   

Together with GSK Oncology

Access to our medicines

At GSK US Oncology, we understand that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming for patients and loved ones. Treatment considerations and costs can add undue stress, especially if you’re unsure what coverage options are available or how to access them. Together with GSK Oncology is here to help, offering patients and healthcare professionals a variety of access and reimbursement services for all GSK oncology products—all in one place.